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We offer a wide range of services to our clients.

We can tailor your production to the requirements of your product and your company. Some companies require the look of 35mm film, other companies would be best served shooting their commercial on video and maximizing their budget through smart media buying. We offer the full range of television production services.

We have worked with several companies strictly in a consultant capacity. If you are new to Direct Response we can guide you away from the common pitfalls and we often find ourselves reminding clients that if someone’s deal sounds too good to be true, we have the experience and knowledge to support that point of view. We have reliable contacts in all aspects of our industry and can assist in the complete start up of a new DRTV campaign.

For our toy clients we can serve as a full service agency, producing the spots and placing the media. Our history in the toy business is unique among DR producers and we have well established relationships with the television networks that best service this category of product. Advertising to children through television has unique requirements. We guide our clients through these tricky waters and eliminate as many of the troubles as possible.

Integrity may be the most important service we provide to our clients. It is unfortunate, but the direct response industry is what some have called “shark infested waters”. It does not have to be a bad experience. There are reputable players in our industry and history has shown those who exhibit less than scrupulous behavior. Our reputation and history is impeccable. It seems odd that one should even have to mention it, yet it may be the one main characteristics that separate our company away from the competition. Integrity is not always the easiest course, but it seems an excellent long-term strategy in this current business climate and it serves us well.

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