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Our goals are 100% result oriented. No matter what the goal, that is what we target. If we can sell your product on television, and actually get people to pick up the phone and buy, then obviously we are showing consumers the value and benefit of your product or service. The product is the ”Star.”

Good looking spots make the product look good. They make your company look good. Plus, beautiful spots make any product seem more upscale, and that appeals to everyone. We also deliver production values that exceed what others produce for the same dollar. We’re efficient and we pride ourselves in the work we do.

Morgan James is the 2nd Generation to work in Direct Response Television. His mother, Sheila James, was an early pioneer in DRTV. Starting in the early 70’s, she practically formatted the business. Successful spots included the original Chinese Wok, String Art, the Bamboo Steamer, Trim Trak, Swiss Dry Cooker and many other television icons of that period. She was the 1st to use credit cards in DRTV, 1st to successfully sell merchandise over $100, consultant and advisor to the very first shopping network, CVN, eventually sold and re-named QVC. Her company Harbor Associates was an early pioneer in bringing large corporate clients, like Tranamerica Financial, JC. Penney’s and Sears, Roebuck, into the direct response model of television advertising.

Morgan started working on these commercials when he was just 14 years old. Eventually rising to Executive Producer for Harbor Associates, he honed the skills and style that have created many of the most successful DRTV spots ever. He left Harbor in 1996 to work with QVC in building and expanding their Direct Response division Q Direct. In 1998 he left QVC and moved his family and business to Montana. With over 20 years experience, and stellar history of success, Morgan James has an intuitive understanding of the business and what makes a television viewer stop … respond … and buy.

For Existing DR Marketers – Our success ratio is unsurpassed in the industry. Having produced nearly 200 commercials in the last 10 years our success ratio is 1:6. That is way above the industry norm.

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